Working Capital

Working Capital has a 7% interest rate

Working capital is a BizNurture financing option specifically to finance everyday operations of small scale businesses.

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Eligibility check

If your business satisfies this few criterium it can apply for a BizNurture loan.

We currently finance businesses in Port-Harcourt and Lagos your business must be in either of these places for it to get considered for a BizNurture loan.

Your request should be on the company’s letterhead. This should include details of what the loan is required for.

We would require a copy of your company’s bank statement for at least the past six (6) months.

A valid form of your identification is required: International Passport, Drivers license, Voters card, NIN slip (required) ,e.t.c.

To apply for a BizNurture loan product for your business, the said business must have been in business for at least 2 (Two) years.

The CAC documents required are: (1) Business name: Certificate of Registration, Form C.O.2 (Particulars of business owner(s)). (2) Limited Liability Company: Certificate of Incorporation, Form C.O.2 (Allotment of shares), Form C.O.7 (Particulars of directors) and Memart.

We would need to see evidence of what the loan would be used for, such as a copy of the invoice to be discounted, the local purchase order, a pro forma invoice or any other applicable document.

If a Business Name, two 3rd parties must guarantee the business owner. If a Limited Liability Company, the MD must guarantee the loan, as well as at least one 3rd party. Guarantors are required to submit their cheque leaves, ID card, NIN slip and a passport photograph. Click to download a fact sheet for guarantors.

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**Note that meeting the eligibility criteria does not automatically qualify you for a loan with us. Your application would be reviewed by the BizNurture Team. To grant or refuse a loan application is completely at our discretion.

How does BizNurture work?

Follow these simple and well explained steps to get started with getting the loan your business need on the BizNurture platform to understand how our system works from application to repayment.

The first step is to register your free BizNurture account to begin the loan application process.

The next step is to select a BizNurture loan product that suits your business’ needs and apply.

After you apply for a loan and your application is received BizNurture will then proceed to review/assess your application.

Once the review is complete and BizNurture finds your application satisfactory, it will be approved.

Once BizNurture approves your application, we would send you the required documents for execution.

We will procced to disburse the loan to your bank account after which you will be expected to fulfil repayment obligation.

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