One-stop service

provider for SMEs.

We provide services to SMEs through our sub-brands: BizNurture, BizVest and BizPartner. Find out more information below.

Our sub-brands.

Click on any of the links below to visit and learn more about our sub-brands and their core services.

BizNurture makes dreams a reality by providing SMEs access to quick loans.

BizVest empowers businesses to become much more through it's savings, investment, and loan platform.

BizPartner moves businesses closer to their goals by providing tailored solutions and advisory services to business challenges.

Frequently Asked

BizNurture group is the One-stop Service Provider for SMEs in Nigeria. The group comprises 3 companies - BizNurture Financial Services Limited (BFSL), BizVest and BizPartner.

BFSL is an alternative lending venture with the goal of supporting the growth aspirations of small and medium-sized businesses through the provision of alternative finance. Click here to know more.

BizVest is a savings, investment and lending platform for individuals and (aspiring) business owners. The platform helps users earn passive income for themselves and / or businesses. Find out more here .

BizPartner is the consulting arm of the group. The company was created with a single mission - to move businesses closer to their goals by providing tailored solutions to business challenges. Learn more

BFSL is the parent company that birthed its other 2 sister companies.

Please visit BFSL to apply for a business loan.

If you are interested in investing in the group, please send an email to

If you require further information, please send an email to

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