Making business dreams a reality

 Here at BizNurture, we’re focused on making your “BizDreams” a reality

Who we are

BizNurture is a financial services company that provides small, medium or long term loan facilities to business

Our Mission

We support the growth of small and medium-sized businesses through the provision of cost-effective alternative finance services.

Our Vision

BizNurture envisions itself as being the leading alternative finance provider for SMEs in Nigeria.

SMEs need access to varied finance options, including non-bank lending

SMEs need access to varied finance options, including non-bank lending. BizNurture is an alternative lending venture incorporated in Nigeria with the goal of supporting the growth aspirations of small and medium-sized businesses through the provision of alternative finance.

Making ‘BizDreams’ a reality

We come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problems facing the driving force of the Nigerian Economy - SMEs. We believe in the credibility of small business owners, and we are here to help make their business dreams a reality.

SMEs need access to finance and fast

SMEs are hardly able to get access to finance from Deposit Money Banks. When they do, the process is long, cumbersome and prohibitive due to the huge physical collateral demanded. Often times, small businesses can no longer take advantage of the opportunity the funds were required to meet. More so, SMEs simply do not have the physical collateral demanded by Banks.

BizNurture’s online lending platform provides a fast, convenient, easy-to-access and round-the-clock access to loans. SMEs can apply for loans from the comfort of their homes and offices, gaining access to required funding in as low as 48 hours*.

SMEs need a credit buddy

Beyond providing loans, we also advise small business owners on the type of loan that best suits their business. We understand that fixed monthly repayment plans do not work for all SMEs, as a result; we have made our repayment plans flexible, tailored to match the cash flow of each business.

When we say no, we don’t just walk away. We know we are more helpful when we help the business owners understand the reason why.

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Our Core Values

This represents who we are as an organization. We aim to depict these values in our interactions so when you think of BizNurture, this is what you see.

BizDream means we strive to create financing opportunities for small businesses that have been denied them. We believe in the credibility of SMEs. We believe in SMEs and their dreams.

Transparency here means that BizNurture is as bare as it’s processes.

Professionalism in the sense that BizNurture is thorough and efficient.

Integrity means our word is our bond. We are honest, open and genuine with our clients. We believe communication breeds trust.

Simplicity means we keep it plain and easy. We believe transparency thrives on being simple.

Innovation means we are constantly evolving. We are ever improving our clients’ experience, our processes and ourselves.